Tasty Static

Tasty Static

3D arcade game with a great soundtrack


  • Looks great
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Enjoyable gameplay


  • Some parts are too difficult


Tasty Static is like a 3d platform-racing game. Developers Tinsanity correctly describe it as a game where you 'go really fast and jump a lot'.

There are loads of levels in Tasty Static, ranging from comfortably easy to teeth-grindingly difficult. The object of each is to reach the end of the road without falling off or crashing. Controls are just cursor keys plus Space to jump.

Tasty Static features a surprisingly big soundtrack of high quality tunes that really give the minimal game feeling. The minimal graphics are really cool, and move really smoothly. The rewards for completing a course are a recorded time that you can beat later, and unlockables. You can unlock a range of stuff, like changing your ship's color, lasers and more.

You can play the levels is any order you like, which is good, as some are incredibly difficult. Luckily all are quite short, so you should´t get too frustrated at being returned to the start when you die. An you will die. A lot. The main problem with Tasty Static is the difficulty, as some courses require unbelievable timing to complete - and occasionally you'll feel the controls are cheating you.

Tasty Static is a cool looking, cool sounding 3D game, which will undoubtedly challenge all comers.

Tasty Static


Tasty Static

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